I-N-G-A.NET - The idea

gb In several countries around the world there exists national N-gauge associations. Each group's aim is to promote N-gauge modelling and to represent the interests of N-gauge modellers in that country.

In England there is the N Gauge Society, in France AFAN (Association francaise des amis du N), in Italy ASN (Amici scala N), in South Africa the N Gauge Guild of South Africa and in Germany N-Club International. These association have been co-operating with each other for some time. Using mainly e-mail, they exchange information regularly covering all manner of subjects. This allows for a fast exchange of information. Each association then reviews the information received and passes relevant material on to their membership.

The idea of I-N-G-A.NET was conceived by members of ASN and N-Club International during the 2nd Firenze Days of ASN on 29.04.01. The N Gauge Society, AFAN and N Gauge Guild of South Africa decided at once to participate.

In the meantime the Spanish CNE (Club N de Espana), N-Trak Europe, AUST-N-SCALE (Australian N-Scale Modellers Newsletter) and the former Museo Scala Enne in Firenze had also joined I-N-G-A.NET. The common goal of all groups is the global promotion of N-gauge. This can be achieved by an increased co-operation between the various associations. In future, for example, the associations will meet at exhibitions in order to promote N-gauge. The independent status of each association will however still be retained. An information page exists on the site for each association represented. Individual group's WEB sites are also accessable via a link. Other links leading to manufacturers, clubs or private pages, specialising in N-gauge, also appear. Other N-gauge related pages will follow in the near future.


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